No Cost Loan Comparison

Every day People from all over Texas send us their loan proposals.  Most of them, we just omit the closing costs and send them back.  (see comparison below)         Some of them, we actually say: “good job… Your loan officer is looking out for you.”

Instant peace of mind.

Which group will you be in?

Fax your “total fees worksheet” and middle credit score to:

512-628-6333….. It couldn’t hurt.

Loan and APR Information for Fixed-Rate Loans (as of 02/02/2010 05:00 PM Eastern)
30 yr fixed Conforming




Interest Rates 4.875% 4.875%
APR 5.065% 4.91%
Total Points 1 0
Payment Term 30 yrs 30 yrs
Estimated Additional Prepaid Finance Charges $2000 $0
Loan Amount $175000 $175000
Down Payment 20.0% 20.0%
Total Lender fees including Appraisal $3,750.00 415.00



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